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Sika green roof donated to Salford facility aimed at tackling social isolation

by Matt Downs

The manufacturer has donated materials totalling £7,000 to an important local facility aimed at tackling social isolation in Salford, including products from its SikaBit and SikaRoof range…

Created from two disused shipping containers, the new building is located at the Cleavley Community Forest Garden in Winton, which is run by Incredible Education CIC, a social enterprise providing nature-based services for local communities through horticulture and forest school activities. 

Prior to the arrival of the shipping containers, the garden and its activities were at the mercy of the weather, having no covered area large enough to protect groups or events from the elements.

Having access to the new covered space will enable the garden to host music events, health activities, parent and toddler groups and workshops all-year round; all with the aim of improving community connection.

The building will primarily provide a secure indoor workshop to Salford community group, Working in Wood, which runs woodwork projects for anyone over the age of 18 looking to gain skills or meet new people. The group, which helps to tackle social isolation, has also been involved with the construction of the new building, having erected the timber frame surrounding the containers.

The two shipping containers were combined to form a 20ft x 30ft room topped with a Sika Green Roof, which blends in with the natural surroundings and nods to the land’s former use as a plant nursery.

The system build-up included SikaBit VB-724 Air and Vapour Control Layer (AVCL) VCL, 100mm Foil-faced AL Sikatherm insulation and the new, sustainable roof membrane Sarnafil Advanced Technology (AT) – the UK’s only Cradle to Cradle Silver certified single ply membrane. The membrane is not only independently certified in sustainability performance but as it contains no plasticisers, oils, chlorine or heavy metals it is ideal for sustainable construction. Topping this, the aluminium edge trim, SikaRoof drainage layer, SikaRoof Biodiverse substrate and a SikaRoof Wildflower Blanket, created a natural habitat for flora, fauna and wildlife. The wildflower blanket was laid in such a way to encourage the roof to self-germinate with local seeds blown by the wind onto the roof.

The install took four days and was carried out by Sika-approved installer, Chorley-based roofing contractor, Enviroply Roofing Ltd, who donated their time to the project free of charge, alongside members of the Sika roofing team.

The Sika Green Roof installed on the shipping containers.

Ian Bocock, Director and Education Manager at Incredible Education CIC, commented: “We’re all about promoting mental health and wellbeing in a green space so to be able to host activities year-round which build skills and confidence is huge.

“Having the roofing materials and labour donated to the project was massive because our budget was used up on groundworks, steelworks, cladding and in purchasing the containers. To receive those donations was fantastic and we’re thrilled with our new green roof, which fits so well within the garden.”

Mark Gatrell, Head of Roofing from Sika, commented: “We were so impressed with the garden and its endeavours that it was a pleasure to support them in the construction of this new indoor facility.

“The biodiverse green roof not only looks attractive within the green oasis of the garden, but its durability means that it will provide reassurance and longevity for Working in Wood and all the other community groups who will feel more connected as a result of this new space. 

“It’s most certainly a roof that’s good for people and good for the planet, offering all the benefits of a green roof, including improved thermal performance, air quality and habitat diversity.”

The project aligns with Sika’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy which aims to sustain local communities by supporting them in infrastructure development for social projects, promoting training in construction professions and trades, and supporting volunteering work in relation to social activities and personal development.  

Jake Clarke, managing director at Enviroply Roofing Ltd, who installed the green roof, comments: “We knew by donating our time it would make a big difference to Incredible Education and the community groups wanting to make use of the covered facilities. We are proud that we’ve played a small role in helping people to meet others and develop their skills in a safe, nurturing space.”

For more information about the project visit incredibleeducation.co.uk. To find out more about the benefits of Sika Green Roof, visit www.sika.co.uk/roofing

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