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New White Paper discusses fire-safe green roofs

by Matt Downs

The White Paper from Wallbarn looks at the key considerations and key guidance around fire performance regulations when designing and installing green roofs.

Designing and installing fire-safe green roofs is the subject of a new White Paper from living roof specialist Wallbarn.

The company says the paper aims to help designers and installers navigate relevant fire performance regulations and guidance, exploring the requirements of Approved Document B and DCLG documents, together with guidance laid out in the GRO Code and the importance of EXAP Reports. 

“Evaluating the fire performance of green roofs has become increasingly important in the post-Grenfell years as the fire safety of buildings, their components, assembly, construction methods and management take centre stage,” explained Wallbarn Director Julian Thurbin. “It is a complex issue influenced by government policies, BRE requirements, guidance from the Green Roof Organisation (GRO), European standards and classifications. 

“The aim of the White Paper is to discuss what’s required and why / how designers and installers can mitigate risk. Well-designed, correctly installed and maintained green roofs can resist the spread of flame,” added Julian.

Wallbarn says it is well-placed to advise on the matter, as its M-Tray modular green roof solution has been tested to CEN/TS 1187, achieving a classification of B ROOF t(4) and an EXAP Report conforming with CEN/TS 16459:2019. The company believes it is the first UK-manufactured green roof to achieve this industry standard.To read the White Paper click here, or request an electronic copy by e-mailing info@wallbarn.com.

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