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Installation speed and power key to Marley’s new solar PV offering

by Matt Downs

Marley says its new integrated PV tile offers superior aesthetics, installation speed and improved power output to help contractors capitalise on growing demand for solar.

With net zero ambitions set across the UK, and the Future Homes Standard calling for all new homes built from 2025 to deliver a 75-80% reduction in carbon emissions, Marley says integrated photovoltaics (PV) systems are seen as part of the solution. 

With this in mind and as many roofing contractors seek to expand their offer to include PV installation, Marley has launched a new solar panel providing superior aesthetic appeal and improved power output. The new enhanced Marley SolarTile delivers a lean, low-profile aesthetic for both new build and retrofit projects and offers simple and quick roof integration.

Following research and development by Marley to design products that meet the needs of both carbon reduction legislation and roofing contractors, the enhanced panel is quick to install, and the increased efficiency allows for an install time of just 45 minutes per kWp.  

The panel development gives the benefit of an increase in total power output from the roof area or achieving the same output using fewer panels. A higher power rating makes roof-integrated solar a more cost-effective option, with fewer panels and roofing kits needed to reach the required energy target.

Half-cut cells
Such flexibility is also seen through the availability of half-cut cells, introduced for the first time on Marley SolarTile. The use of two parallel circuits in the module halves the current in the cells and provides several technical benefits once the solar system is in operation. These include higher panel efficiency with reduced resistance losses at the cell connections; each half of the cell’s performance is unaffected by shading on the other; lower heating effect from spot shading and greater resistance to mechanical stress in bending.

Marley says the aesthetic appeal of an integrated solar roofing solution has been further enhanced with the launch of the new panel. Accompanying flashing kits now include darker coloured flashings, enabling new solar installations to achieve a seamless blend between panel and flashing for great kerb-side appeal and total visual integration with the overall roofscape.

The enhanced panel comes with all the components, including fixings, to allow installers to complete the job quickly and without the need for additional third-party products. The patented connection of simply pushing the panels together to create a weather-tight and secure fixing means solar installations can be less than 45 minutes per kilowatt-peak.

Integrated solar panels are also highly applicable for retrofit projects. By simply removing a patch of tiles and installing the solar panels leaves spare, perfectly matched tiles available for any future roof repairs.

Rebuilding natural forests
For every solar panel sold, Marley supports the planting of a tree through charitable organisations across the world. This collaborative approach supports the long-term rehabilitation of natural ecosystems by teaming up with organisations with local expertise. Read more about Marley’s commitment to planet, people and process – marley.co.uk/sustainability.

Stuart Nicholson for Marley, commented: “According to Solar Energy UK, 2020 saw a 27% year-on-year increase in new solar capacity in the UK, with 40% of this increase coming from solar roofing installations on homes and commercial buildings. Our new enhanced panel offers superior aesthetics, installation speed and improved power output to help contractors capitalise on this growing demand for renewable energy. 

“As homebuilders, homeowners and tenants seek out ways to reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs, and with regulations driving this forward, aesthetically pleasing integrated solar panel systems, such as the Marley SolarTile, are an ideal renewable solution for contractors. With speedy installation and in-built flexibility to help achieve the required system power output, contractors now have access to a great new PV product solution, that can help to tackle the climate emergency we all face.” For more information, please visit: www.marley.co.uk/solarinstall

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