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GRO partners with NBS

by Matt Downs

The Green Roof Organisation has partnered with NBS to help specifiers gain access to the correct information to ensure green roofs and associated systems are designed, installed and maintained correctly.

The Green Roofing Organisation (GRO) has announced a new partnership with NBS, the platform providing construction specification information used by architects, engineers and other building professionals.

The organisations say the collaboration will help specifiers access the most accurate specification guidance to ensure the many environmental and health benefits that Green Roofs provide are realised.

A key focus of GRO is ensuring that the expert knowledge its members have gained is shared with designers. Through this collaboration, GRO says its wealth of expertise covering different systems including, biosolar roofs and blue roofs will now be shared with NBS users, enabling them to benefit from these systems and ensuring best practice with regards to specification and installation.

Commenting on the partnership, Sascia Elliott, Head of Partnerships at NBS, said: “Architects and landscape designers have been key in the transition of green roofing from niche to mainstream. Yet due to the rapidly evolving nature of the solutions available, it was crucial that we had access to experts in the field, who have real world knowledge of the realities of specifying, installing and maintaining these green roofs, along with the latest guidance around biosolar and blue roofs. Working with GRO will ensure that specifiers can be confident they’ve access to the latest and most trusted guidance.”

Mark Harris, Chair of GRO, explained: “NBS provides key resources for the design and specification of buildings in the UK, including the specification of roofing systems. Our collaboration with NBS has provided the opportunity to demonstrate our extensive knowledge and help to educate construction professionals. The organisation supports them in the specification of high quality green, blue and biosolar roofs, that positively contribute to climate change adaptation and mitigation.”

GRO has developed and continued to update its Green Roof Code of Best Practice. The organisation has also created a professional installers qualification (L2 and L3) with Lantra, which has been available since 2019.

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