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GRO continues to expand and develop its membership

by james@pluggedin.media

Belfast-based Sweeney Landscape Design is the latest addition to the association’s specialist membership.

The Green Roof Organisation, GRO, has seen a big influx of new members this year, including the likes of Proteus Waterproofing, Mobilane UK, the Green Infrastructure Consultancy, HUBBUB and Greater Manchester Combined Authority, and the most recent addition is Sweeney Landscape Design.

As a leading Green Infrastructure contractor based in Belfast and operating in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, Sweeney Landscape Design Managing Director Noel Sweeney explained in his application that he currently has his first private biodiverse green roof installation approved and is in discussion with Queen’s University in Belfast with regards to their plans to improve biodiversity on the campus.

In the Republic of Ireland, Noel also explained he has his first private biodiverse green roof installation approved, is working with Trinity College in Dublin and has recently been in discussions with Guinness regarding greening their Enterprise Centre.

Noel says his long-term ambition is to establish an Irish Green Infrastructure Association modelled on GRO to represent both the North and South of Ireland.

GRO says whether you are a manufacturer, supplier, contractor, main contractor, developer, architect, consultant, surveyor, NGO, insurer, certification body, association or simply interested or involved in promoting nature-based green roofs, blue roofs or biosolar roofs, GRO is looking to expand its membership, so get in touch for a membership application.

Membership fees are applicable to Manufacturer, Supplier and Contractor categories only, Associates membership is free of charge.

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