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Get involved with World Green Roof Day 2021!

by james@pluggedin.media

Taking place on 6th June 2021, World Green Roof Day is now an Official Day of the Year, and organisers want you to get involved again and ‘celebrate green roofs’ with others from around the world, plus the day will also see the official launch of the GRO Code 2021…

The organisers of World Green Roof Day want to build on the success of the 2020 event and ensure that every country around the world gets involved this year to “celebrate green roofs as one way we can address some of the climate and biodiversity issues we face in our everyday lives.” 

World Green Roof Day is now recognised as an Official Day of the Year, taking place annually on 6th June.

Chris Bridgman of Bridgman & Bridgman, who organised the event alongside Dusty Gedge, founder of LivingRoofs.Org and President of the European Federation of Green Roof and Wall Associations, explained: “It seems like only yesterday that we celebrated the inaugural World Green Roof Day together. Despite the challenges of a global pandemic, there was a huge buzz around green roofing across all social media channels, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 

“Projects from over 57 countries were shared and admired around the globe. This campaign has shown the strength and passion of our community, as well as the skill and talent across the industry. It felt only right to create a day that this could be celebrated, showcased and encouraged.”

Last year, World Green Roof Day really was a global event, with the Chris and Dusty explaining that green roofs from Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, the USA, Canada, Brazil, Iran, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Czech Republic, Norway, Finland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russia, China, Poland, Singapore, Chile, Australia, Greece, Slovakia, Austria, New Zealand, South Korea, Kenya, Egypt, Malta, Turkey, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Lebanon, the UAE, Sweden, Switzerland, Malaysia, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Ukraine, Japan, Israel, Bulgaria, Latvia, Peru, Columbia, Argentina, Kuwait, Macedonia, Iceland and Thailand, were showcased across social media channels as part of the event.

They explained: “We would love for you all and many more to be involved again this year! The Official GRO Code 2021 will also be launched on this day, and this will be followed up by a GRO Q&A Webinar on 11th June 2021.”

Bridgman & Bridgman installed this stunning 48º pitched green roof at a property in Salthouse, North Norfolk. Find out more on the project here.

Chris concluded: “Green space appreciation and awareness of the climate crisis is one of the better things to emerge from the pandemic. We want to build on this and celebrate green roofs as one way we can address some of the climate and biodiversity issues we face in our everyday lives. 

“Please join us again on the 6th June by sharing videos, stories, images, case studies and your love for green roofs on all social media channels using hashtag #WGRD2021.

“We want every country around the world to take part, so please share far and wide!”


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