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Get creative on #WGRD2022!

by Matt Downs

There are so many ways to interact with World Green Roof Day 2022, but the organisers have added three new fun and engaging ways for people of all ages to get creative and share their work using the #WGRD2022!   

The organisers of World Green Roof Day, which takes place on 6th June this year, have launched a number of fun and engaging ways for children and adults alike to get involved with this important annual event.

World Green Roof Day is a global celebration of green roofs, blue roofs and BioSolar roofs that showcases the benefits they bring to people, nature and the built environment, with live events taking place across the world and people getting involved on social media sharing images, videos and clips using the #WGRD2022.

Download your guide and build your Lego green roof bus stop to share on social media!

This year, in addition to the many other ways individuals can get involved with World Green Roof Day, the organisers have put together the instructions so children and adults can work together to create a Lego green roof bus stop, created a Minecraft Challenge where individuals can build and share their dream green roof using the #WGRD2022, and also created a downloadable World Green Roof Day poster for people to colour in and share on social media.

Download yourWorld Green Roof Day 2022 poster and get creative with colour!

Chris Bridgman, Co-Founder of  World Green Roof Day, explained: “These are all fun ways for adults and children to work together, or individually, and engage with World Green Roof Day. We’re seeing more green roof bus stops appearing in towns and cities throughout the UK, so creating your own in Lego is a fun way to increase awareness of these roadside additions and hopefully help people understand that whilst they look pretty, they also bring all sorts of additional benefits to the area in terms of wildlife habitat and sustainability. Likewise, we can’t wait to see what people come up with when they create their dream green roofs! Alongside the downloadable poster, it’s an opportunity to get creative and we can’t wait to see what people come up with, so make sure to share all your creations on social media with the #WGRD2022.”

Head over to www.worldgreenroofday.com to find out more about how to get involved with World Green Roof Day and download the Lego Green Roof Bus Stop instructions and World Green Roof Day colouring in poster.

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